Dr. Hassan Mohy-ud-Din talks on cardiac imaging

November 9, 2016

Hassan Mohy-ud-Din, PhD, a research fellow at Yale, will join us this Friday Nov. 11th. He will speak in the South Central conference room at 1:30pm about “Quantitative PET and SPECT: Applications in Cardiac Imaging”


My talk will focus on two important themes: (i) Parametric Myocardial Perfusion PET imaging, and (ii) Absolute quantification of Intramyocardial Blood Volume with SPECT/CT imaging. In the first theme, I will present a novel approach of Physiological Clustering which generates robust parametric images without compromising image resolution. In the second theme, I will present a methodological framework for absolute quantification of intramyocardial blood volume with SPECT/CT imaging incorporating complete correction of physical degradation factors.

About the Speaker

Hassan Mohy-ud-Din completed his PhD and MSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering and MA in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Johns Hopkins University (2009 – 2015). He completed his BS in Electronics Engineering from GIK Institute of Engineering and Technology in Pakistan (2002 – 2006). His PhD thesis was on “Motion correction and Pharmacokinetic analysis in Dynamic PET imaging” and his MA thesis was on “A fast solver for nonconvex bound constrained quadratic problems”. His research lies at the intersection of Applied Mathematics and Medical Imaging with focus on (brain/cardiac/whole-body) PET/CT, PET/MR, SPECT/CT, low-dose CT, and PET/fMRI. His work on dynamic cardiac PET imaging won the 2014 SNMMI Bradely-Alavi fellowship and 2014 SIAM student award. He has presented his work at various conferences and universities and carries a teaching experience of over 10 years.

Dr. Hassan Mohy-ud-Din talks on cardiac imaging - November 9, 2016 -